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Would You Try the Brazilian Blowout Despite Health Risks?

Would You Get a Brazilian Blowout?

Curly-haired women who prefer straight and sleek styles will often go the distance to extend the life of their flat-ironed hair. Chemical straightening, a more permanent option, can help with the convenience of maintaining the sleek look — but at what price? Despite Oregon's Occupational Safety and Health Administration's recent report that the popular Brazilian Blowout contains 10.6 percent formaldehyde, some women are still opting for this straightening method. And heavy exposure to formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, could harm the health of salon workers. Knowing that even the "formaldehyde-free" formulas have more of the ingredient than is considered safe, would you still take the risk for straight hair? (For the record, we wouldn't.)

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snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 6 years
a salon i went to a few times tried to sell this to me. (what detered me was the price and the time commitment since it takes a few hours and i didnt really need it) i have wavy damaged hair (damaged from keeping it dyed blonde) but i usually have no problem making it look nice quickly with root volume drying + one iron or another. anyways i think they just try to sell it to everyone because its a very affluent area (i just worked there) and they were charging at least $300. i was impressed because they said it was "all natural" but gave results similar to japanese straightening (which apparently i cant do anymore because my hair is too damaged and may break off-this is what some cheaper asian salons in my area have told me-not sure if a posh salon would try to do it for me or not) without drying and it lasted 5 months. im no scientist so i figured this brazilian blowout thing was some kind of new technology. now i know those beotches lied caue its formaldehyde! nasty. or they were ignorant.
Pistil Pistil 6 years
I had doubts that it would even work on my hair, so I never considered it. I also worried that I would lose my curls. I heard a local story about a girl who experienced hair loss afterwards, so now I'm definitely embracing my curly, fluffy locks. Bad hair day? Bring it on!
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
Jessiebanana, I'm white, but not all of the members on our editorial team are. Regardless, though, I wouldn't recommend having this treatment done considering the potential health problems for clients and salon workers. If it's proven to be safe and harmless, I'm all for it; until then, though, I think it's smart to hold off. I mean, yes, the treatment might make it easier to style one's hair a certain way, but formaldehyde is a carcinogen. As far as the Brazilian Blowout brand goes, the Canadian government tested the Brazilian Blowout solution and found similar results: 12% formaldehyde. All of the research we've done makes me think it's best to wait until numerous independent analyses show that the treatment is safe. But YMMV, and that's why we posed the question.
crystalbtrfly07 crystalbtrfly07 6 years
Yes, I would still consider getting it. I am caucasian, but I stil have very coarse, curly, frizzy hair that is hard to manage. I don't feel like getting it done one time would be so harmful, especially since I feel like the testing that was done should have been with products directly from the company. My biggest concern is for the stylists who are using it on a regular basis. For those getting the treatment, it seems like it would be a good idea to check which brand your salon is using before getting the treatment. I wish they would do a study with the Brazilian Blowout treatment purchased directly through the company. I would like to see those results.
dovegirlsarah dovegirlsarah 6 years
Thanks took the words right out of my mouth! BellaH96-my stylist WOULD NEVER perform the service on pregnant/breastfeeding women either because there have not been any tests on the service while pregnant:) Here is the link to the system!
dyemysoul dyemysoul 6 years
referring to number 5. OSHA allows .5ppm of Formaldehyde in products that are considered Formaldehyde-Free. So technically, according to OSHA and the governments standards this product being between .064-.073 is Formaldehyde-Free. If you are worried about the amount of Formaldehyde in products then you should research all your beauty products. Hope this helps with any questions.
dyemysoul dyemysoul 6 years
BellaH68, I would agree with you not getting it while pregnant. It's not recommend. I am a certified stylist to give this service and I would NEVER do it on someone breastfeeding or pregnant. If your stylist is doing this service on you and you are breastfeeding or pregnant they are going against the recommendations of the company. If they are doing it on you....maybe you should rethink your choice of a salon. They obviously do NOT have your and your child's best interest at heart.
dyemysoul dyemysoul 6 years
This post is completely unfounded. I work in a high-end salon that offers this service and others like it. I don't understand media nowadays anyway.....if you researched this before posting unfounded statements you'd realize that this is BS. There are numerous reasons why OSHA should never had made that statement against 'Brazilian Blowout'. 1. They did NOT do the testing with a product from Brazilian blowout 2. Yes this is a brand name and they never received a product from the company. They received the product from this salon who had not purchased the Brazilian Blowout product from the company for over 8-9months. 3. Also the stylists doing the service were NOT certified to do the service. 4. The fact that this salon did not purchased the product in over 8-9months leads anyone to believe they got this product illegally (off the back of a truck). Which is the same way consumers get professional products in drug stores, grocery stores, online etc. (which are ALL tampered with....aka diluted with water, alcohol, and other things found in warehouses). Which means the professional products you buy from drug stores are NOT the same ones you buy at a salon. 5. OSHA allows .5ppm of Formaldehyde in products in USA and remind you there is literally 0.064 ppm and 0.073 ppm of Formaldehyde in the Brazilian blowout. Which means this product is 6 TIMES lower than OSHA's standard. FYI the concern isn't for the clients getting the treatment, the real concern is for the stylists. Bella, being an avid reader of this page I would hope you researched things like this prior to making statements you obviously know nothing about. If all of you are still unsure, read: Also for the consumers out there...try researching for yourselves...stop relying on the media because this is NOT the first time the media has lied to the public and likely will not be the last.
BellaH68 BellaH68 6 years
Wow, sound like a rep much? Nope, wouldnt get it. I'm currently pregnant and I am amzed at the selfishness of the women on my birth board who get it done while pregnant. You cant wait til the baby is born????
dovegirlsarah dovegirlsarah 6 years
My stylist still does this amazing treatment and I will continue to be loyal to him. He is one of two salons in the Los Angeles area that have taken the extra step to ensure my safety and comfort and his while the service is being performed! How you ask? He has purchased the chemical source capture system that has been scientifically proven to remove all irratants from the air while my favorite service is being done. Shane Hair Style Color-He has a link to the system on his yelp page! If you love this service I would strongly suggest that you check out the system for yourself and then forward the information to your favorite stylist-imo its a must have for any salon! As for formaldehyde, You know I love you Bella but I would check out the other side of the story before a verdict is made-Brazilian Blowout has posted and updated many times on their website regarding these alligations...they are sticking by their claims of being hyde free and have scientifically tested their formula by an independent lab too. I personally feel safe either way with my stylists machine...but either way I feel that this story is far from over!
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
socalbeachgal socalbeachgal 6 years
As long as my hairdresser is willing to give them I will continue to get the Brazilian Blowout. So far it is the only thing that will straighten my hair. My morning routine takes less than 10 minutes vs. a hour before. @katie225, LOL about biology class, I thought the same thing between biology, anatomy and chemistry classes I'm probably well preserved.
katie225 katie225 6 years
yes, yes, yes! i will continue to get them. my stress, depression, and anxiety over my hair is worth it. getting my hair ready in the morning has gone from 1.5 hours of prep to almost no time at all. i used to cry over my hair, and now i'm happy! it's worth the money to me, too, but my hairdresser is a friend and gives me a discount. besides, i probably had more exposure to formaldehyde in biology class when dissecting cats.
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 6 years
Oh and I meant about dealing with difficult hair, not the information on blowouts...just to be clear.
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 6 years
Of course you wouldn't Bella you're white, what would you know. I can't afford it, but I here the results are great so I'd give it a shot if money were no object. Lucky for me my hair (4a) flat irons pretty straight without chemicals so I'll just have to settle for that.
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