When's the last time you noticed if a waitress wasn't wearing makeup? Even as a beauty addict, I can't say I've ever noticed one way or another. I know I'd care about hair being away from her face (and my food!), but whether she was blushed, glossy, and polished, that's a different story.

Not for everyone, though. One San Diego-area waitress, Shenoa Vild, claims her bare face — and refusal to conform to mandatory makeup — led to her firing. Seems she was a good employee of Trophy's in Mission Valley, CA, for five years, until the small chain was sold. New management came in to switch things up into a more upscale spot, and that involved having the wait staff be all done up.

Vild, who doesn't wear makeup, stood her ground and was officially let go for being "unable to deal with the transition." She's since landed another job with no such rules, but I'm curious to know how you'd react in the same situation. Do you give her credit for not budging, or do you think she should have chosen a different battle? Side note: The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that it is not discrimination for employers to make women wear makeup. This situation is legal, but is it fair?