2 Love My Lips, a British beauty brand, has just come out with a line of lip glosses ($16 each) with an unusual twist: its packaging includes a card that detects GHB and ketamine, so women can test their drinks for date rape drugs. The idea is to help women feel safer in social situations where someone could spike the drink.

I'm all for anything that helps women feel safer and in control of a situation, but the juxtaposition of sexy lip gloss and rape feels a bit . . . off. More importantly, though, the tester doesn't work with drinks that incorporate certain fruit juices, milk, oily liqueurs, or tonic water. It doesn't detect the presence of Rohypnol, either. (Drink Detective does.) Still, seeing the gloss in your purse could serve as a reminder to protect your drink and trust your instincts around strangers — which is never a bad thing. Even with its limitations, would you buy this gloss?