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Are You Absorbing Five Pounds of Makeup This Year?

FabSugar just sent me a news article claiming that the body absorbs almost five pounds of makeup per year. Yikes! Here's more from the story:

Many [women] use more than 20 different beauty products a day striving to look their best while nine out of 10 apply make-up which is past its use by date.

Dependence on cosmetics and toiletries means that a cocktail of 4lb 6oz of chemicals a year is absorbed into the body through the skin.

I can't wrap my head around the notion of absorbing five pounds' worth of cosmetics. My medicine cabinet is overflowing with products, but I'm trying to figure out if it's even possible that I apply five pounds of makeup each year. It seems like a lot, doesn't it? For more about this statistic—and to find out why I'm not entirely convinced of its accuracy—

Seems like I'm not the only one who thought the five-pound statistic was odd. A little sleuthing suggests that the researcher who made this claim is also the founder of an site selling chemical-free, organic cosmetics. Some people might say that's a coincidence, while cynics might say that the research is biased. I fall in the latter category; while I'm no cheerleader for chemicals, I'm not sure about these claims. Still, the story was a good reminder that natural products are often just as lovely as traditional ones.

What do you think about this story and the five-pound claim? Are you concerned about chemicals in the products you use, or do you not worry about it?

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