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If You Could Bring Back One Discontinued Beauty Product, What Would It Be? 2010-02-26 14:00:14

If You Could Bring Back One Beauty Product, What Would It Be?

One of the most common beauty annoyances is to finally find a product that you love . . . and then see it discontinued. I've been traumatized a number of times by the sudden disappearance of lip glosses, fragrance sprays, and volumizing mousses that I adored. Everybody eventually moves on and finds something else they like, but that doesn't mean that the loss is any less keen. (Kind of like relationships, I guess.) What about you? Is there a product that disappeared from the shelves that you're still mourning to this day?

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gaylynn gaylynn 7 years
You can still get "GEE YOUR HAIR SMELLS TERIFFIC" at Vermont Country Store online:
foxybeige foxybeige 7 years
Sally Hansen nail polish in Spun honey.its was a mod nude, loved it so.I'm there with a couple of you and the Revlon Skinlights.
girlfunkmusic girlfunkmusic 7 years
MAC lipstick in Vista. It was a really cool beige lavendar nude color. Nothing really comes close.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Joditurner85, do you mean Eve's Fetish line? It's interesting that there's a lot of overlap, especially with John Frieda's Beach Blonde.
BATFgirl BATFgirl 7 years
Oh gosh without a doubt, Clinique matte lipstick in Nude Bloom...i stocked up so I'm good for some time, but everytime I wear it, I still get compliments and get so sad that I can't get any more if I wanted to :( WHYYYYYYYYY
mlen mlen 7 years
definitely the Beach Blonde by John Freida (thanks faylinn i couldn't remember the exact name!) that stuff was awesome and smelled great. bumble and bumble and frederic fekkai can't compare
mschelley mschelley 7 years
Jillian Dempsey's Deluxe lip gloss. Perfect color, I lost my only tube after 3-4 applications... Also, Vincent Longo lipstain.
LightningBug LightningBug 7 years
I loved Duwop's lip venom lipsticks. They were both plumping and moisturizing and the colors were a stand out sheer that never sunk in weird. I am still holding on to my last perfect red.
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
'Simply Glowing' lotion from Mary Kay; it gives you a golden shimmer but it's subtle and not glittery. My high school boyfriend's mom was a Mary Kay lady and she gave me a bottle, and now I can't find it anywhere. Also, FCUK 'Frenchie' limited edition perfume. My aunt got me a bottle and I LOVED it and I recently bought a bottle off Ebay, but I wish they would bring it back.
staceyny35 staceyny35 7 years
Mine is perfume. Calla by Robert Isabell. It used to be sold at Neiman Marcus and now its discontinued. It's very hard to find on the Internet so I am really savoring the last sprays.
chillchic chillchic 7 years
Bonne bell 10-06 astringent. sugarslicks lipgloss. Mac Lip gelee in dewy jube.
nataliieasdf nataliieasdf 7 years
Sephora stopped selling products from Vincent Longo. D: \\ at least where I live?
smart-blonde smart-blonde 7 years
Crabtree and Evelyn's lemon shampoo. I still have fond memories of the smell. Also, Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Wish perfume. I have a very hard time finding perfume I like and for me, it was perfect (which is probably why they discontinued it).
EricaJane EricaJane 7 years
Aveda Elixir for me too!! They sell bottles on eBay, but how can you really know what's in the bottle until it's too late.
joditurner85 joditurner85 7 years
I think I remember a brand called Fetish. Anyways they made the best/most interesting lipglosses that came in really cute packaging. They were big back in the 1997-1998 era. Damn I feel old now. Bummer...
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