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Are You a Good Tipper?

Paying for a beauty treatment is only part of the expense you'll incur at a spa or salon. Along with paying for the service, you'll have to add gratuity. But when it comes to tipping, are you overly generous or are you tight-fisted? To find out, take the quiz.


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bythesea bythesea 9 years
tiabia, thats exactly how I feel! I ALWAYS leave a big tip :-)
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
I hate tipping in general because I think it's a bad idea, but I always tip 25% because it's easy to figure out quickly in my head. Then if I really, REALLY like them and they were trying to get me to spend more money or were being fake-nice, I'll just pick a number I think they deserve and give them that. I never pay with cash but I always go get cash for tips.
Mimilie Mimilie 9 years
I usually tip 20% or more since I know the employees practically live off tips. If you think your hairstylist gets a huge chunk of the money you spend on your hair, think again. In salons, most of the dough is raked in by the owner. Same goes for most places. Tip generously!
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 9 years
I will always consider myself as a great tipper. And I hate being out with someone who is a bad tipper when it comes to their part of the giving. I always feel like I have to make up their part so that the worker will not feel cheated, just because I'm with a cheap as* person for the night.
MissMarisol MissMarisol 9 years
I am a fair tipper.... woot woot. I will not tip if I am not satisfied with the service. Anyone of you do that?
annebreal annebreal 9 years
Lawchick - I'm not sure you're actually obligated to tip a proprietor...that might be restaurant etiquette talking. I'm a good tipper I think! I pretty much never pay below 20%...if I'm going lower because of poor service I need to speak to a supervisor anyway.
lightheaded lightheaded 9 years
Hahah... DuckTales... nice.
the-cat the-cat 9 years
Hardly anyone tips here in the UK and sometimes the service is so bad, or just average you can see why. I always try and give 15% though 'cause some of these girls and guys are hardly paid anything and practically have to live off their tips. Also, you're right Tiabia, it does make you feel happy knowing you've made someone else happy.
melizzle melizzle 9 years
I got "great tipper." No surprise. That's why I always get the appointments I want. :)
tiabia tiabia 9 years
I'm a GREAT tipper!!! I always feel happier leaving a little makes my day, knowing I might have made someone elses!!!
kickinthecherries kickinthecherries 9 years
The choices seem to be based on no higher than 15%. In general, I tip at least 20% for everything - salon service, restaurant service, etc. If I get a discount or a coupon, I tip based upon the original amount, not the sale amount. And if I'm given extra stuff, I will tip extra, but it might or might not be the full amount that I'm getting free, it just depends on what it is, whether I would have had it if I didn't get it free, whatever.
Ava-Gardner Ava-Gardner 9 years
I'm not a great tipper either lawchick, I think that things like this are expensive enough without extra gratuities, I'd ban tipping if I ran the country! I think hair and nails etc should be a set price, I don't tip my gardner, I pay him for the job he does, I don't see why these services should be any different. I think good service should be a given, it shouldn't need to be encouraged through extra payment.
lawchick lawchick 9 years
I go to a salon where the owner and his partner are the only employees. The owner does my hair, and it costs $150 (haircut and hilights). I already feel like that is soooo expensive and they are pocketing all of it, that I probably don't tip as much as I should. How much would y'all tip on that bill???
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
You're a fair tipper. You can always be counted on to give money for good service. Estheticians and stylists are happy to book appointments with you because they know you're generous. Stick with the 15-to-20% rule and you'll almost always be greeted with smiles.
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