When you peek at your feet, what do you think? Are you dazzled by your perfectly filed toenails and softer-than-soft heels, or are you none too thrilled with their less than impeccable looks? As this article in The New York Times points out, often, women take way better care of their faces than their tootsies.

According to a recent study from the American Podiatric Medical Association, 50 percent of women surveyed were "always, frequently, or sometimes" embarrassed by the appearance of their feet. In fact, there are several Facebook groups devoted to feet bashing, and pedicurists note that customers are often apologetic for the way their feet look. See both sides of the story now.

But does it really matter? "People don’t think about their feet until they fail them," said podiatrist Dr. Nicholas Romansky. "Most Americans are always in a rush or too fat to bend over," he added. Marathon runner and author of Fixing Your Feet John Vonhof takes a similarly unabashed stance, implying that more than 50 percent of women are dissatisfied with their feet. "If you went into your local running store," he said, "you would get different numbers."

Maybe feet are freaky. Or is it just that we're being too harsh on ourselves, trying to achieve that elusive standard of perfection? "There’s a perfect image that’s been created, and that extends all the way down to your feet," said psychologist Ann Kearney-Cooke. Feet aren't the most attractive of body parts, and I'm amazed that some people have foot fetishes, but I don't freak out about their imperfections. I'm all for taking care of my body and appearance, including my feet, but not at the cost of constant paranoia. What say you?