At Sephora, I happened upon this Frederic Fekkai Golden Shimmer Gelée Mist ($20) which has "micro-diamond particles that impart subtle luminosity and glamour for all of your holiday festivities." All I could think was, "The holidays, they are upon us!" But then I realized, "Hey, we're barely out of October." I know that holiday shopping starts in August at a lot of retailers these days, but I'm always a little surprised when all the Egg Nog, Mistletoe Sparkle, and other holiday products show up on shelves. The new products are always fun, and it's exciting to see them come out, but sometimes I wish for just a little more time to enjoy my Fall colors before we plunge headlong into the poinsettia and spruce palette that winds up the year. What about you? Are you ready for the ascendance of the holidays, or do you want just a little more Autumn?