Just when you think Bridezillas couldn't get any scarier, the New York Times reports on a gauche new wedding trend: The bridal cosmetic surgery party! Yep, now in addition to spending $300 on a ruffled puce dress, bridesmaids are being asked to have a little Botox, Restylane, and even boob jobs before the big day — and it's not even their big day.

“If I were 25 or 26 and getting married, a bracelet, necklace, or matching earrings would be fine,” says a bride-to-be who took her bridesmaids to a medspa. But at the ancient age of 35, it's no good: "As you get older, everyone is more conscientious about their skin and appearance. Giving them something for themselves — as opposed to something that they’ll never wear again — is more meaningful.”

The day my friend asks me to slice open my chest or get botulinum toxin jabbed into my forehead is the day I say, "Sorry, toots, but I can't be in your wedding." Do you feel the same way, or is this justifiable?