We all know that smoking and unprotected sun exposure can age you. But can your makeup techniques be making you look older as well? After noticing that my under-eye concealer was providing a more cakey, wrinkled effect than smooth and clean coverage, I took note.

So, over the next few days, let's delve deeper into what tips you can use to make sure your face is looking fresh, not frumpy. Let's start with the complexion. See what I mean when you


  • The finish: When it comes to finishes, pick dewy for a softer look. Matte can come off as dull, accentuating fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The intensity: Less is more when it comes to looking fresh-faced. Make it sheer for a subtle coverage, focusing on laying off the foundation.
  • Keep it in the zone: Powder can have a tendency to settle in fine lines. If you get oily, powder only your t-zone, and consider blotting papers if you need to absorb any slick spots.
  • Conceal with zeal: Try skipping foundation altogether, using spot concealer only where needed. Some makeup artists even recommend avoiding concealer under the eyes, as it can settle into crow's feet and wrinkles. Yves St. Laurent national makeup artist, Dell Ashley suggests applying under-eye concealer to the inner corners of the eyes, along the bridge of the nose, for a brightening, lifting effect.
  • Choose wisely: Too-pale foundation can wash you out. When in doubt, go darker and blend.
  • Just blush: A peach shade will add warmth and brightness to the face. Apply at a 45-degree angle on the cheek to create an uplifted appearance. Avoid going under cheekbones, which can bring the face down.