Ever since the death of Donde West last month, I've been wondering if Kanye knew his mom was going to have plastic surgery beforehand. We'll never know, since such things are private, but I'm not the only one thinking about it. This weekend's LA Times explored how some patients tell their families about their surgery—or don't.

My mom hasn't had any surgery, because she's happy with herself as she is. (And heck, she is lovely as ever!) But I'd like to think that if she were to go under the knife, she'd talk with me about it—and at the very least, I'd want to be there to hold her hand through a potentially scary process. It's a little trickier when you're the parent, though: How do you tell a child that Mommy is going to have a new nose, for instance? According to plastic surgeon Dr. Stanley Frileck, you should be honest and consider bringing kids into the office to discuss the procedure:

"The biggest mistake you can make is to try and fool a child. . . Sit your 7-year-old down, and tell him that you're having an operation and that you're going to be swollen afterward and will need some help."

In theory, this sounds like a reasonable plan, but I can't help but think that kids that age would be scared or worried. Plus, it's gotta be difficult to raise a child to be content with his or her appearance if you're dragging them to a plastic surgeon's office at that age. What do you think? If your mom were going to get surgery, would you want to know? And should potential patients tell their kids?