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Zen Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

Models, celebs, fashionistas and anybody who's anybody these days whitens their teeth so that they can be red carpet and paparazzi ready. The problem, however, is that not everybody's teeth can handle constant bleaching. New from GoSMILE is ZEN Toothpaste, $18, to help alleviate sensitivity in over-processed teeth.

There are of course other reasons for sensitivity such as: gum recession, tooth decay, aging, clenching or grinding of the jaw/teeth. Even overaggressive tooth brushing can cause heightened sensitivity. It causes erosion on your teeth/gums that leads to exposed dentin tubules that have a direct communication to the nerve. Believe it or not, one in five Americans lives with sensitivity in their mouth but now. Thanks to GoSMILE, brushing doesn't have to be painful - it can be ZEN.
This toothpaste is formulated to both strengthen and soothe. It contains a high level of Potassium Nitrate, which is supposed to treat sensitivity because it blocks the exposed dentin tubules. The fluoride in the formula prevents decay and promotes strong tooth enamel. When combined, these two ingredients help to seal any exposed areas, which may cause sensitivity.

What also makes this toothpaste special is its unique blend of white cranberry and lavender oils. The white cranberry extract helps the health of your gums by breaking down the bacteria that sticks to the root surface. Not only does is smell zesty, ZEN-like and relaxing, but it has a yummy flavor.

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JennyB JennyB 10 years
really??? baking soda? how do u do it? u just brush with it? crazyness ha ha thanks :)
lesocialite lesocialite 10 years
sounds nice.
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 10 years
Jenny..i would just use like baking soda because i have sensative teeth and i used just reg. whitning products and loss most of my enamel on my bottom teeth! and since then i just use that and it works and no new damage!
JennyB JennyB 10 years
awesome, ill have to try that, i definitely experience sensitivity from grinding etc. while we're on the subject do you know of any tooth whiteners for sensitive teeth? thanks :)
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