Adele Shares a Gorgeous Glimpse Into Her Posh Beauty Life

With eyeliner that perfect, of course Adele is a total beauty girl. The singer has inspired stunning makeup tutorials and more than a few savvy beauty lessons over the years, and although she just joined Instagram a few weeks ago, she's already shared a look into some of her beauty habits. Keep reading to see how Adele prepares for glamorous events and onstage moments, then check out more must-see celebrity beauty!

The singer was all smiles while getting glammed up for the NRJ Music Awards.

Adele kept it real while getting ready, rocking a mask and joking, "I woke up like this!"

While prepping for the NRJ Music Awards, Adele offered a close-up look at her enviable manicure — and her sweet "paradise" tattoo in honor of her son, Angelo.

It was all about the eyes when Adele got ready for her Saturday Night Live appearance.

And then, of course, Adele shared a look at how that picture-perfect eyeliner is applied when she prepared to hit the stage at Saturday Night Live.

Before an appearance on The X Factor, Adele gazed into the camera as her makeup artist used the sandbagging technique.

Wake up, flawless! Adele showed off an eye mask made in her likeness in this pretty post.