Nià Flaunts Her Stretch Marks and Bacne For Aerie, and She Wants You to Wear a Bikini, Too

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From CVS making a pledge to stop photoshopping its beauty ads to Lais Ribeiro rocking her stretch marks on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway, we're living in an empowering era of body positivity. To add to the mix, one more model has decided to flaunt her dark lines and bacne like it's no big deal — because hello, it isn't!

Zimbabwean-British model Nià Pettitt (aka Nià The Light) took to Instagram to share a photo of her from a recent Aerie campaign. Nià wrote, "I used to cry in front of the mirror about my bacne. I never used to wear anything that showed my back and I always covered my bum because of stretch marks. Now I'm on Aerie flaunting them." Um, can we get a hell yes?!

If you thought Nià was done with the feel-good quotes, think again. In the caption to her photo, Nià wrote about her experiences growing up as a teenager with acne and stretch marks. "I remember going to a party and wearing this cute dress but I had to find a sweater to put on over it because it showed my back. . .I would always cover up and feel ashamed of my skin. In changing rooms, I'd always deter from looking too intensely at myself or I'd end up pointing out every single flaw on my skin." Luckily, Nià learned to embrace these features — and she wants you to do the same.

"If you have [stretch marks], ROCK them," she wrote. "Look in the mirror the next time you get dressed and tell every stretch mark and every acne scar that it is a part of the magic that makes you, you. Wear that dress without worrying about what people will think. Wear that bikini without hesitation. You got this baby girl. You got this Queen." Seriously, we have never "You go girl"'d harder than we are at this moment.

So who else wants to go bikini shopping now?