Alessia Cara Literally Had Her Makeup Wiped Off On Stage — and It's Empowering

Considering one of her biggest hits is about being "beautiful just the way you are," it's amazing to see Alessia Cara practicing what she preaches. She showed up to the MTV VMAs in what looked like zero makeup . . . and had a performance in which it was removed live.

The singer also went makeup-free last year, along with fellow famous barefaced beauty Alicia Keys. While she didn't pose on the red carpet, a couple of backstage shots show the 21-year-old absolutely glowing. Back in 2016, she explained she wouldn't wear makeup because she "want[s] people to remember that it goes beyond looks. Beauty can come from inside, and I think people are missing the beauty in other people."

She drove that point home when she went on stage to perform her self-love anthem "Scars to Your Beautiful." Alessia started out wearing a short, black bob and red lips. As she sang, dancers ripped off her wig and she wiped off her lipstick in a dramatic, empowering display.


Major props to Alessia for staying true to her word. We can imagine how much pressure there must be for women to go full-on glam at an award show. While there's nothing wrong with experimenting with beauty on the red carpet, it's refreshing to see a pop star going all-natural and owning her self-confidence.