The Prettiest “Ariel-Red” Hair Ideas That Prove the Hue Looks Beautiful on Everyone

One of the most memorable beauty moments in Disney's The Little Mermaid was when mermaid-princess Ariel combed through her red hair with a dinglehopper (what she called a three-pronged fork). In the cartoon film, her cherry red waves made a statement. In real life, the hue is even more beautiful.

If you're thinking of trying mermaid hair for yourself, let us encourage you. Though getting the vibrant hue could be a long process — hair colorist Melissa Pecoraro at Salon SCK said it could take up to four hours, depending on how light or dark your hair is — the color looks looks flattering on a wide-range of skin tones. Check out the prettiest "Ariel-red" hair looks on the internet, and how easy the hair color is to pull off.

The Little Mermaid Ariel-Red Hair Color

This Ariel-red hair look is styled with waves.

These vibrant, Ariel-red curls shine in the light.

This version of the trend skews slightly warmer, but looks equally as beautiful.

This medium-length hairstyle has the bright hue dyed throughout it.

These Ariel-red curls are nothing short of beautiful.

These waves are a perfect match to Ariel's bright red hair in the film.

Ariel-red hair is one way to transform you into a Disney princess.

This hairstyle is proof that Ariel-red hair is eye-catching in both Disney's cartoon film and "IRL."

This red hairstyle looks like it was freshly styled with what Ariel would call a "dinglehopper."

This curly hairstyle has the bright red hue highlighted throughout it.