Your Jaw Will Instantly Hit the Floor When You See This Woman's Afro Hair Sculptures

Laetitia KY has quite the unique way of celebrating her natural black hair: she twists, molds, and shapes her afro into an impressive array of artistic sculptures situated on top of her head. A Cote d'Ivoire-based aspiring fashion designer, Laetitia was inspired to delve into the world of hair art after coming across pictures of tribal hairstyles from back in the day.

"About a year ago I saw an album on Instagram presenting African women's hairstyles in diverse tribes from years ago — the hairstyles those women were sporting are impressive and represented an art form in themselves," she told Metro.

But her one-of-a-kind take on these styles is rather jaw dropping, as she uses extensions to fashion her 'do into a variety of arrangements, from quirky hand gestures to flora-themed looks. The key to perfecting these works of art? Her "versatile" hair type! "I've got the most frizzy on the hair classification scale!" she told Metro. "It's a type 4C. As a result, it's the most versatile hair you can find. This texture gives a beautiful volume to my hair, too, and I find it awesome!"

Awesome is definitely an understatement! Read on to see the many ways Laetitia works wonders with her gorgeous hair, and be sure to follow her on Instagram to stay up to date with her latest looks.