Ayesha Curry Talks Becoming a CoverGirl, Bright Lipstick, and Raising a Budding Beauty-Lover

It takes a special kind of superhero to juggle being a mom of two, successful entrepreneur, badass chef, and beauty guru, but Ayesha Curry is one of them. The Food Network star recently added CoverGirl to her impressive list of credentials, and her new role feels like a strong fit.

Ayesha joins the empowering ranks of Janelle Monae, Issa Rae, Zendaya, and more. She's also the face of CoverGirl's latest Peacock Flare Mascara, made to give you a full fan of thick lashes similar to Ayesha's enviable set. But aside from her hair, makeup, and brows always being on point, she also prides herself on seeking the joy in life — an equally beautiful message we can all get behind.

We got to chat with Ayesha IRL about her first dabble into the beauty world, her earliest makeup memory, and her daughter Riley's budding love for beauty. Read on for more from our chat, and prepare to love her even more.

Courtesy of Covergirl

POPSUGAR: How does it feel to be a part of the CoverGirl family?

Ayesha Curry: It feels incredible. I am not in the entertainment industry, per se, so to be one of the first CoverGirls not to be from that world is such an honor for me. I've used the brand for so many years. The first lipstick I ever owned was a CoverGirl one. It was a pearly light pink that my mom allowed me to wear. It definitely wasn't my shade, but I wore it to the death, so it's really cool to be able to share those early memories with my daughters.

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PS: What are some beauty lessons you hope to teach your daughters?

AC: I really hope that they feel like makeup is not a necessity but is, instead, a powerful tool to help you feel however you want. Makeup is a great way to express yourself and how you feel at any point of day. I love that a bright shade of lipstick can instantly make me feel like I can conquer anything if I'm stressed or not feeling great. So I hope they learn that they are beautiful just the way they are but can use makeup as a tool to make them feel however the heck they want to.

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PS: Are your daughters obsessed with beauty, too?

AC: Riley is, for sure. She's 5 years old, and right now beauty is her world. A few nights ago when we arrived in NYC, I let her play around with my makeup, and she was like, "Mom, I wanna do everyone's makeup." We let her practice on my husband's godmother, and she put foundation all over her face, then looked back at me and said, "I'm a professional because I taught myself." I just cheered her on like, "Go ahead, girl! You can do whatever you want." She's asked me many times to do a beauty video on YouTube, but we're not quite there yet.

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PS: You posted a gorgeous photo of your grandmother on Instagram recently. What beauty lessons have you learned from her?

AC: My grandma won't come downstairs in the morning until her face is put on, and I love that about her! I am not quite there yet, but I do hear her voice before I leave the house — like, "Remember your lipstick!" or "Remember your earrings!" She's very old school and traditional, but she's fabulous, and I love that."

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PS: How do you balance getting ready in the morning with taking care of your daughters?

AC: It's hard because I'm always pressed for time, but I've had to master the five-minute face. So when I have a minute, I try to throw on a bright lipstick, fill in my brows, and put on mascara (even if I'm still in my pajamas). Right now, I'm loving the Melting Pout Matte Lipstick in Seismic ($8). The color just makes me feel alive! I also love that it is super moisturizing and not drying, like most matte lipsticks.

Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

PS: What beauty products do you always splurge and save on?

AC: I will always splurge on my eyebrows. I love to get a good wax or thread, and I always tint my brows. If I'm running through the drugstore, I'll always grab the Peacock Flare Mascara ($9), too. I love that the formula feels like a mousse and you only need to apply a few coats for full lashes.