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The Bachelor Behind-the-Scenes Beauty Secrets

10 of the Most Fascinating Beauty Facts From The Bachelor You Probably Don't Know

The Bachelor Behind-the-Scenes Beauty Secrets
Image Source: Everett Collection

For every onscreen look, red carpet appearance, and these days, Instagram selfie, there's probably a team of three-plus people making it happen. From makeup artists to stylists, in showbiz, getting ready is rarely a one-man operation. Bachelor Nation is willing to challenge that.

Judging by the perfect spray tans and well-manicured nails, you may never guess contestants on The Bachelor and its spinoffs are playing by a different set of rules. The glam team and wardrobe budget are reserved for the lead (and Chris Harrison, of course), time constraints can be tough (and vary significantly), and the ratio of mirror space to contestants is far from balanced. Surprised? Us, too. But we're just getting started.

With Monday's premiere of The Bachelor Listen to Your Heart, the franchise's newest spinoff series, we've got love on the brain — plus a whole bunch of questions about how things run behind the scenes. After doing a little of our own reporting and internet sleuthing (read: combing through the likes of Reddit), we found a few answers. Keep reading for 10 fascinating facts on how the contestants get camera-ready.

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