These Adorable Beauty and the Beast Bath Bombs Will Be Our Guests in the Tub

Our passion for bath bombs is a tale as old as time, so naturally, we were so psyched to find ones that were Beauty and the Beast themed. We perused Etsy for the best and found so many different products based on our most- (and least-) loved characters. Seriously, so much of the cast is represented through these picks. Case in point: there's even a Gaston-themed offering that will make you swoon more than his groupies do. Go ahead, be our guest, and read on for more Belle-approved bath bombs.

These beyond-adorable Bath Bombs ($7) from FizzFairy rep Belle, The Beast, and Mrs. Potts. Belle's bomb smells like rose, amber, and musk. Dark notes of patchouli and incense make up The Beast-inspired fizzer, because he has a lot of feelings. Since Mrs. Potts is a top-notch hostess, welcoming notes of lavender make up her pink-and-purple product.

North Carolina-based retailer PixieDustGrotto concocted these essential-oil bombs ($8) inspired by the film's supporting cast. Chip contains vanilla and lemon essential oil, while Cogsworth has a lavender scent. Since Gaston may be the most extra Disney villain in history, his namesake bomb comes adorned with gold and red sprinkles (naturally).

This elegant (and huge — it's about the size of a tennis ball!) Rose Bomb ($4) from HeidiHandmadeDesigns contains epsom salts to relax sore muscles. The molded flower packed inside the lemon-scented bomb floats through the tub long after the fizz has dissolved.

EssentialRelaxations has a vegan bomb ($7) that will match your tub to Belle's famed yellow ballgown. The product's enchanting rose scent will leave you feeling relaxed, because being a princess is stressful!