This Entertaining Video Explains Centuries of Makeup Trends

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Though you may roll your eyes at the contouring trend, history and beauty buffs must admit that makeup has come a very long way over the past few centuries. If you're not caught up on the chronicles of cosmetics, allow the brilliant Lisa Eldridge to educate you. You may know her as a vlogger, or even as Lancome's creative director of makeup, but she's also a beauty historian. She's about to release her first book, Face Paint: The Story of Makeup, which explains how all of your favorite products made their way into your makeup bag.

In this brief video, Eldridge explains which famous periods were the best to be born a beauty-lover — starting all the way back in ancient Egypt and traveling through medieval times, the Parisian aristocracy, the Jazz Age, and more. Though it's not the video's intent, the looks are fabulous sources of Halloween beauty inspiration. Plus, you can educate fellow partygoers about the history behind your costume!