42 Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Support Right Now (and Always)

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  • Beauty brands have not always been inclusive of every skin tone, but many brands are leading by example.
  • Year-round, it's important to support Black-owned businesses.
  • Read which products are our favorites from Black-owned skin, makeup, and hair-care brands.

As a woman of color, finding makeup formulated for my skin tone can be difficult, to say the least. A lot of brands see brown foundation and somehow think gray or orange is the perfect accompanying undertone. (Spoiler: it's not.) And don't even get me started on "nude" lipsticks. Oftentimes, there are no shades offered that are even remotely close to a "nude" shade for any darker skin tones. Looking for new makeup in a sea of options that are only tailored to one specific skin tone makes makeup shopping disheartening and a lot less enjoyable. Even though many popular drugstore brands have made efforts to step up their shade ranges and formulations, it's still essential to celebrate the Black businesses that make products specifically for people of color.

Keep reading ahead to see which Black-owned brands deserve a spot in your beauty bag every day.

— Additional reporting by Danielle Jackson and Jessica Harrington


Mischo Beauty

Mischo Beauty was founded by Kitiya Mischo King, who, in 2013, set out to create clean, nontoxic nail polish. You can shop the brand's collection of 30+ nail polish shades online, but we're particularly excited about the moody hue Lacquer of Love ($20).


Uoma Beauty

Uoma Beauty was created with founder Sharon Chuter's Nigerian heritage in mind, including everything from the brand name (which translates to "beautiful" in Igbo) to the packaging of its eyeshadow palettes. Even the shade names include nods to African goddesses — just take the Allure Black Magic Color Palette ($44). Uoma launched at Ulta Beauty with an unheard-of 51 foundation shades.


Aba Love Apothecary

Aba Love Apothecary summed up: part-aromatherapy, part-skin care — 100 percent good vibes. Each product, from a brightening serum to a refreshing face mist, has been carefully crafted by founder Aba Gyepi-Garbrah with high-quality plant oils and floral waters. Stock up on the brand's Body Tonic // Toning Body Oil ($42), which has been formulated with hazelnut, hydrating argan and jojoba oils, to keep skin hydrated and glowy.


Oui the People

As a daughter of a Caribbean immigrant, Karen Young said she wasn't allowed to look at beauty magazines, so she wasn't privy to the body-hair shaming that ruled advertisements for decades. So when she set out to launch Oui Shave in 2015, she had a message: there is no right or wrong. That mission still stands under its rebranded name Oui the People, where it's expanded into other skin-care categories.


Mary Louise Cosmetics

Vegan, organic, and cruelty-free skin-care brand Mary Louise Cosmetics first started in Akilah Releford's dorm room at Howard University, where she was a med student. People on Instagram are especially fans of the brand's Miracle Serum ($35), which is meant to target all types of skin concerns — acne scars, eczema, razor bumps, and more.



Now one of the bestselling hair-care brands at Sephora, Briogeo was founded by Nancy Twine and inspired by her grandmother's handmade beauty recipes. The texture-specific products are simplified into two-, three-, and four-step regimens depending on each individual's hair type — from curly formulas like the Curl Charisma Leave-In Cream ($22) to hydrating treatments like the Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask ($38), and everything in between.


Beauty Bakerie

Known for its smudge-proof lip whips, Beauty Bakerie is as sweet as it looks. Loved by beauty gurus and YouTubers like Jackie Aina and Tati, this vegan, cruelty-free brand is shaking up the beauty game. All of its products have cute baked good-related names — like Instabake Foundation ($34) — and they're super affordable.


Blk + Grn

Blk + Grn is an all-natural marketplace that connects women of color with high-quality hair, beauty, and skin-care products that are free of toxins and chemicals. All of the products are specially made by Black artisans and selected by health experts.


Fenty Beauty

When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty with 40 foundation shades in 2017, it highlighted the serious gap and demand in more diverse representation in the makeup category. The proof of its impact? In the first 40 days, the brand made $100 million in sales — and it's still going strong today.


Ayele & Co.

Originally named Bahi Cosmetics, Ayele & Co. is a cruelty-free, all-natural brand known for its bomb skin-care serums and gorgeous lashes. Its scar-fading Sunflower Serum ($26) is the brand's most popular item, and you can find crazy before and afters on their Instagram page.


Pat McGrath Labs

The only reason you wouldn't know who Pat McGratch is is if you've somehow been living under a rock for the last few years. The undeniable queen of makeup and maker of blinding highlights is the owner of Pat McGrath Labs, a makeup brand known for pigmented and high-quality makeup. Her new Lust Glosses ($28) are well worth the price.


The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar is a vegan beauty brand specializing in — you guessed it — lip products. After originally being rejected from Shark Tank in 2015, Melissa Butler, the brand's founder, persisted and was able to get Target to sell her products online by the following year. Since then, The Lip Bar has amassed a huge following thanks to its mission to create a limitless selection of makeup options for women everywhere. Shop the brand's all-new, extensive nude lip collection here.


Carol's Daughter

Founded by Lisa Price in her Brooklyn kitchen (and sold initially at local flea markets) nearly three decades ago, Carol's Daughter went on to become one of the first Black-owned product lines with a flagship store. Now, the brand has expanded its hair-care offerings after being acquired by L'Oréal in 2014, although Price remains the president and is heavily involved. Among its bestsellers is the Monoi line, including the Repairing Supersize Shampoo ($45).


Coloured Raine

Even if you've never heard of this makeup brand, chances are you've seen it on one of your favorite beauty bloggers. Coloured Raine is known for everything from lashes to lipsticks, so don't check out its site unless you plan on spending all your money (don't say we didn't warn you).


4.5.6 Skin

4.5.6 Skin is a brand with a mission to provide more inclusive skin care. Their mission states that while the makeup industry has been progressing, the skin-care industry is not as quick to change. 4.5.6 Skin provides personalized products specifically for melanin-rich skin. We're totally impressed, and we think you will be too.



Bevel is a razor company that serves men of color who experience skin irritation and razor bumps as a result of shaving. The brand has managed to assemble a trusty base of followers since entering the market in 2013 and even recently launched a line of skin-care products that address hyperpigmentation, inflammation, dullness, and uneven skin tone. Shop the collection here.


Common Heir

Common Heir is a sustainable beauty brand that produces clean, plastic-free skin care. It was founded in 2020 by Angela Ubias and Cary Lin, who strive towards redefining traditional beauty. Definitely try its vegan, biodegradable Vitamin C Capsules ($88) that improve skin texture and brightness.



Created by Tatiana Price, skinBUTTR's products are handmade, free of chemicals, and produced with your body's glow in mind. From face masks to body butters in scents like Cocoa Vanilla ($30) and Gingr Lemon ($30), all of the brand's products are carefully crafted and designed to help with stretch marks, acne scars, and cellulite.


AJ Crimson

If you're in need a new finishing powder, look no further because AJ Crimson's Universal Finishing Powder ($35) is a perfectly tinted translucent powder with a silky finish. (And it truly works for all skin tones.)


Urban Hydration

Urban Hydration produces plant-based skin-, body-, and hair-care products. They strive to provide accessible, quality products that are also sustainable. One of its bestsellers is an Aloe Vera Leaf Face Wash ($10), made up of vitamins A and E to help moisturize and hydrate dry skin in a gentle way.



Founded in 2015 by Keli Smith, KAIKE touts a long list of plant-based beauty and skin-care products that are all handcrafted to perfection. A brand's bestseller is the Marshmallow Clay Face Mask ($20) made to cleanse and exfoliate the skin.


MDM Flow

This UK brand is known for its lipsticks and signature gold packaging. With a bomb formula and ever-expanding range of colors, this brand is perfect for all of your lipstick needs.


Mented Cosmetics

Take it from the creators of Mented Cosmetics: every good idea starts over a glass of wine. Mented specializes in beauty products of all kinds, with a mission to help every woman find the shade of nude that fits them perfectly.


Iman Cosmetics

Founded by supermodel Iman, this drugstore beauty brand is both high quality and wallet-friendly. Iman Cosmetics sells everything from foundation to lipstick, but its face products are definite fan favorites.


Plant Apothecary

No matter what your skin condition may be, Plant Apothecary prides itself on being a brand whose products are for everyone. Try the brand's Be Well Organic Soap Bar ($15), moisturizing soap made with essential oils that get the job done without drying out your skin. Those with dry and tired skin might also gravitate toward PA's Cloud Break Enzyme Cleanser ($28), a cleanser made up of pineapple and papaya to restore and retain radiance.


Oyin Handmade

Founded by Jamyla Bennu back in 2001, Oyin Handmade has a large selection of handmade, organic, and all-natural cosmetics and body-care products. Each product is designed to not only fit a beauty need, but improve your personal health and wellness, too. You can find the brand's products at select RiteAid stores.



Naturalicious is an organic, all-natural hair-care brand on a mission to help women with natural kinky and curly hair. It was founded by Gwen Jimmere who is the first African American woman to own a patent for natural hair products. You can find Naturalicious products at stores nationwide like Ulta and Sallys.



Kay Cola started OrganiGrow after years of research and experimentation on her own hair with all-natural ingredients. Now, her collection of vegan and organic products has expanded from the hair category and into skin care, as well.


Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen was created in 2016 in Miami, but it's meant for more than just beach days. The brand is on a mission to fill a need for a natural sunscreen that won't leave behind any white residue for women of color. You can shop its products at Target or online.


KNC Beauty

KNC Beauty started with the first all-natural, collagen-infused lip mask. Now the brand carries a variety of lip and eye products, including masks and scrubs. It's sold at places like Sephora, Net-a-Porter, Neiman Marcus, Revolve Beauty, and more.



The wellness and beauty brand Golde makes supplements, gummies, face masks, and more from all-natural superfoods. The Brooklyn-born brand was founded in 2017 by Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori.



Black-owned indie brand Kanti recently launched with the Likuid Gold Luxury Glo Oil ($37). It was founded by Alisha Ricki & Keamone F. who wanted to create a melanin-friendly skin-care line where Black and brown skin wasn't an afterthought.


Beneath Your Mask

For luxury, nontoxic, pure skin care, look no further than Beneath Your Mask. The brand came to be after its founder, Dana Jackson, was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus after her 30th birthday. Now, the brand can be found at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorfs, and Credo.


Range Beauty

Alicia Elaine, the founder of Range Beauty, describes the brand as "clean beauty for the forgotten shades." The cosmetic brand makes a variety of complexion products with shades for women of color.


54 Thrones

The brand 54 Thrones makes luxury skin-care products with active plant botanicals. All of the products are made from ethically sourced ingredients grown solely on African soil, and the brand as a whole pays homage to African culture.


Ace Beautè

Ace Beautè launched in 2016 with the motto "Beauty For All." Initially, it carried false lashes, but it has since expanded into color cosmetics with affordable and highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes, fake nail sets, and makeup brushes.


MakeUp by Sparkle

Celebrity makeup artist and licensed aesthetician Sparkle Chanel Lockett founded MakeUp by Sparkle to create professional, versatile, bold makeup for everyone to enjoy.


Shani Darden Skin Care

Shani Darden is a famous celebrity aesthetician, skin expert, and founder of Shani Darden Skin Care. She created her own line to help give her clients formulas to treat and nourish their skin at home, and now, her products are sold at Sephora.


Hyper Skin

Hyper Skin was created by Desiree Verdejo after she couldn't find a product to help with dark spots and hyperpigmentation left behind by hormonal breakouts on her skin. The brand's first product is Hyper Clear, a vitamin C serum made with clean, natural, and effective ingredients.



Olamide Olowe and her cofounder, Claudia Teng, started Topicals on a mission to make medicated skin care fun and relatable. While the brand is still in its early stages of launching, they have fostered a large community of followers and is working on destigmatizing skin conditions.


The Mane Choice

Courtney Adeleye founded The Mane Choice after she received a great deal of feedback and attention from documenting her own healthy-hair journey on Youtube. Now, the brand makes a wide variety of hair products and vitamins to help nourish your hair.



Alisia Ford founded Glory on the belief that women of color should have access to finding non-toxic, natural skin-care products that they love. The brand partners with BIPOC-owned businesses to curate the Glory Skincare Box which includes a custom assortment of clean beauty products that fit your unique needs based on a brief online quiz.