The Hands-Down Best Celebrity Tattoos From 2018 — Plus Their Hidden Meanings

Some celebrities, like people, have a lot of tattoos, and while a few of them are quite daring (cough, Ben Affleck, cough), we still love checking them out — especially because they're often created by some of the world's top artists. Over the last year, dozens of your favorite stars have gotten inked, and we've collected the very best designs for your viewing pleasure. Each of these tattoos has a special meaning to the celebrity and might even inspire you to celebrate a milestone or a loved one in your life with ink. Check them out ahead.

Maisie Williams's Game of Thrones Tribute

In July, Maisie Williams added yet another Game of Thrones tattoo to her collection. The actress got the words "No One" inked in red on her neck, a reference to her character Arya Stark's motto while training at the House of Black and White and the notion that she must think of herself as "no one" to be successful.

Lucy Hale's Sibling Love

Lucy Hale and her sister got matching tattoos over the Summer, reading "I love you" in their grandmother's handwriting.

Dua Lipa's Digits

Dua Lipa celebrated her first year from when her album debuted with an ink symbolizing the number of shows she's performed in since the launch: a whopping 245.

Ariana Grande's Tribute

Ariana Grande paid tribute in May to those lost during the Manchester Arena bombings with a tiny bumblebee tattoo behind her ear.

Selena Gomez's Best Friend Pact

Selena Gomez's girl gang includes a group of four women she's known for more than seven years. They commemorated their friendship with matching "4" tattoos.

Katy Perry's Tour Ink

Katy Perry celebrated the end of her Witness tour with an out-of-this-world tattoo.