Olive & June Makes the Best Nail Polish I've Ever Tried

May 21 2020 - 7:05pm

I love having my nails done, and as a manicure enthusiast, I know by now which polishes work for me and which ones don't. Since I'm not a fan of gel nails [1], getting to five days sans chips is a major milestone, and I know to avoid the brands that chip on day one. For me, hands down, the best polish I've used comes from Olive & June. Its polishes last seven days on me without chipping, which was previously unheard of. The formula is long lasting and doesn't require a base coat, just a topcoat. If you're itching to paint your own nails [2], this polish is the one you should be using.

Not only is the brand affordable and the packaging adorable, but the nail polish colors are also ones I actually want to wear. I found SE [3], the perfect pink that's feminine and pretty without feeling juvenile; CV [4], the prettiest springtime red; and HZ [5], the rosy neutral shade of my dreams. Plus, the brand's new summer collection is a sunny, bright dream come true. If you've been curious about the Olive & June polish, trust me when I say they're worth the hype, and keep reading to shop some of my favorite shades! [6]

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Olive & June Nail Polish in Grateful & Kind

How cute is this bright Olive & June Nail Polish in Grateful & Kind [8] ($8)?

Olive & June Nail Polish in Sweet & Gracious

This Olive & June Nail Polish in Sweet & Gracious [9] ($8) is so much fun.

Olive & June Nail Polish in Bright & Focused

Sunny and bright, this Olive & June Nail Polish in Bright & Focused [10] ($8) is a crowd-pleaser.

Olive & June Nail Polish in Fierce & Loving

This mauve Olive & June Nail Polish in Fierce & Loving [11] ($8) is amazing.

Olive & June Nail Polish in Honest & True

We're not blue over this Olive & June Nail Polish in Honest & True [12] ($8).

Olive & June EC Polish

This sheer pink Olive & June EC Polish [13] ($8) is a beloved classic; it looks good on everyone.

Olive & June JLR Polish

I'm feeling this mellow-yellow Olive & June JLR Polish [14] ($8).

Olive & June RP Polish

This taupey Olive & June RP Polish [15] ($8) is a perfect mani or pedi shade.

Olive & June TT Polish

This lavender Olive & June TT Polish [16] ($8) is gorgeous.

Olive & June CHM Polish

This sheer neutral Olive & June CHM Polish [17] ($8) is perfect for true beginners.

Olive & June HZ Polish

This rosy neutral Olive & June HZ Polish [18] ($8) is at the top of my list.

Olive & June SE Polish

This bright Olive & June SE Polish [19] ($8) is an update on the bubblegum pink I've always loved, and it's perfect for spring.

Olive & June BI Polish

If you're looking for a fun peachy shade, go with this Olive & June BI Polish [20] ($8).

Olive & June AW Polish

If you can't part with darker colors, even in spring, this gray Olive & June AW Polish [21] ($8) is for you.

Olive & June GH Polish

This Olive & June GH Polish [22] ($8) is the perfect opaque light pink. You're going to fall in love.

Olive & June CCT Polish

This sheer Olive & June CCT Polish [23] ($8) is a standout favorite.

Olive & June CV Polish

This Olive & June CV Polish [24] ($8) is a warm red, and it's perfect for warm weather.

Olive & June BP Polish

This baby-blue Olive & June BP Polish [25] ($8) is perfect.

Olive & June HD Polish

This white Olive & June HD Polish [26] ($8) is so universal, it's always a good one to have.

Olive & June The Top Coat

You can't forget this Olive & June The Top Coat [27] ($8).

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