Why Biodynamic Beauty Is the "Upgraded" Version Of Organic Beauty Products

POPSUGAR Photography | Emily Faulstich
POPSUGAR Photography | Emily Faulstich

As we all get more environmentally conscious and think about "cleaning up" our beauty routines, you may be seeking certified organic beauty products. Recently, I got a face-plumping facial from Boldijarre Koronczay, the president of Éminence Organic Skin Care, and he informed me about biodynamic farming. He refers to it as the "upgraded" version of organic harvesting, because it's even more eco-conscious. And after using some of his biodynamic products (such as the Facial Recovery Oil), I am obsessed with how glowy they make my skin. Here, he breaks down exactly what biodynamic beauty is and why you need some of it in your routine.

POPSUGAR: First of all, what is biodynamic?
Boldijarre Koronczay: Biodynamic is the term that means "life in motion and balance" and was formally adopted as a farming practice by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s in Europe. The basis of biodynamic farming uses nature's elements to grow crops with the harmony of the seasons and the alignment of the earth, the stars, and the moon. It's the way farmers have been growing plants for centuries.

Other elements of biodynamic farming include seasonal and annual crop rotation to keep the soil healthy, companion planting (some plants grow best next to others), no chemical pesticides (ladybugs are a natural option!), no genetically-modified organisms, and no synthetic fertilizer.

PS: What are biodynamic beauty products?
BK: Biodynamic beauty products are certified by Demeter, the official certifying body for biodynamic products. It holds the strictest standards in the world. Demeter standards even exceed government-mandated organic regulations. From the way ingredients are grown to over 200 processing and production standards, biodynamic beauty products undergo strict regulation and review before certification is granted.

PS: What are the benefits of biodynamic beauty products?
BK: Because of the harmonious way that biodynamic crops are grown with the land, they have been found to contain up to 13 percent more potassium, 20 percent more sodium, 34 percent more iron, and 47 percent more Vitamin C than conventional produce. The high concentration of vitamins and nutrients found in biodynamically grown ingredients means that the biodynamic beauty products are that much healthier for your skin, imparting topical benefits without harsh chemicals.

It's the truest method of growing ingredients and creating healthy products.

PS: How do you make biodynamic beauty products?
BK: Making biodynamic beauty products starts with careful planning! According to biodynamic farming guides, seeds are best planted just before a full moon. The full moon draws the tide and water deep underground higher to the soil's surface, meaning the seeds have greater chance of thriving from the earth's natural water sources.

Similar to a Farmer's Almanac, a Biodynamic calendar is released based on the stars, the moon, and the seasons. Days are categorized into "fruit," "flower," "leaf," or "root." You should harvest fruit on "fruit" days for the best tasting, most nutrient-rich crop yield. Harvest all "roots" such as carrots on "root" days.

Once the biodynamic crops are harvested on their best day, they are gently washed with water and the magic of creating beauty products starts. The biodynamic crops cannot be processed alongside conventional plants, or even come into contact with equipment that may have been touched by conventional plants. Biodynamic beauty products are often created in a "biodynamic-only" sterile lab. The manufacturing process is reviewed and re-certified every few years to ensure the high standards of biodynamic certification are upheld.

PS: How are biodynamic products different from organic products?
BK: Both organic and biodynamic ingredients have been shown to have a better nutrition content 59 percent of the time, and up to 20 percent less toxins than conventional produce. I think it's always better to choose organic and biodynamic when possible! In addition, biodynamic farms must exist with a predetermined "safe radius" around the space to ensure there is no danger of cross contamination through air, soil, or water source if a conventional or GMO farm is nearby. Biodynamic products are like the "upgraded" versions of organic. It's the truest method of growing ingredients and creating healthy products.

PS: What can people look for when shopping to find biodynamic products?
BK: Look for the Demeter International Biodynamic Certification stamp. Also, in order to attain Demeter biodynamic certification, the ingredients must be first certified to contain 95 percent organically derived ingredients. For example, products must first be certified through Biokontroll (Hungary's organic certifying body) and then through Demeter International. Éminence is the only skincare brand in Hungary to carry products with dual certifications.

PS: What other brands make biodynamic beauty products?
BK: We recommend visiting the Demeter USA website to find an authorized listing of Biodynamic beauty brands. Most Biodynamic beauty products are local, boutique, small-batch brands.

POPSUGAR Photography | Emily Faulstich