This Future Kardashian Launched a Beauty Line Before Kylie

Instagram | blacchyna

There are a lot of interesting connections between Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian's fiancée. Blac Chyna dated Kylie's man, Tyga. She even had his baby — well before he met Kylie. Both women are waist-training aficionados. And they each head up a line of cosmetics.

You're likely well acquainted by now with Kylie Cosmetics. The youngest Jenner sister launched her famous Lip Kit in three shades in late November of 2015. She has since expanded her lip empire into a total of eight matte formulas and a trio of lip glosses.

Though Blac Chyna's brand has received less buzz, Lashed by Blac Chyna debuted in 2014 and includes everything from false lashes and lip colors to skin care. She even has a lash extension salon and spa in the Los Angeles district of Encino.

After visiting Blac Chyna's Instagram to ogle her new diamond ring, we kept scrolling through her feed. It was then that we discovered swatches of her liquid lipstick. The neutral shades and creamy formulas were strikingly similar to Kylie's new glosses — but have been out for much longer. Could Kylie have found inspiration for her products in her future sister-in-law's collection? Read on and see some of the Lashed offerings, then decide for yourself.