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botox for men

How Do You Feel About Botox For Men?

An article in today's New York Times discusses the use of Botox among the less fair sex. Allergan has started marketing Botox to men, with the help of Olympic gold medal swimmer Mark Spitz. According to plastic surgeons, men often require higher doses because of the structure of their faces and skin and usually target brows and forehead lines.

One of the most interesting points the article brings up is that even men that do get injections wait longer between appointments than their female counterparts. “Men tolerate the return of wrinkles better,” says Dr. Alan Gold, the president of the American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. “They’re not as bothered as quickly. Women sit in front of a mirror putting on makeup every day and are acutely aware of changes.”

How would you feel if your brother, father, or significant other wanted to get 'toxed?


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Karen-S Karen-S 8 years
I really don't care if they want to inject a mild form of the black plague into their face. Honestly, it's not like they're traipsing around in lipstick and heels.
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 8 years
People can do what they want, but I wouldn't be in any rush to encourage anyone to inject themselves with what is really a mild form of botulism, especially someone I would date. It would be creepy dating someone whose face barely moves and I'm just not into plastic surgery/injecting one's face with multiple things. I don't want a boyfriend who looks like plastic.
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 8 years
nothing wrong with it. But usually men wear wrinkles better than broads. But i totally support a lil stab here and there.
lindac lindac 8 years
I figure it's their business. I know some guys that would look tons better if they would take care of their skin so why not use some botox or plastic surgery if they want.
swati05 swati05 8 years
there is nothing wrong with it
SofyasDad SofyasDad 8 years
And why shouldn't we work just as hard, pay just as much, and/or have to be held to the same standards to look just as good as women? I disagree that older woman are not portrayed as sexy. I mean I feel as if I hear more about the creepy old guy than the creepy old woman... If my dad, brother or significant other wanted botox I would say sure do what you want...but realize it wears off...we all know people get old...its your choice...let's get a two for one deal!
cordata cordata 8 years
lol, sometimes I secretly wish my boyfriend would ... he has a permanent brow furrow. If my fathr did it, I'd be creeped out
justanerd1975 justanerd1975 8 years
Wierd, guys get told from the age of 15 up that looking older is better.... Older men are even seen as sexy. Older women are not usually portrayed as sexy, maybe accomplished ;) I say let them suffer as we do, for a little while ;) LOL JK :)
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