Forget Accessorizing — Choose Bracelet Nails Instead

Just when we think the world has thought of every nail art trend possible, we're surprised by something fabulous and new. Our friends at Byrdie have identified the latest great nail art trend — and it's called bracelet nails, an idea that started with the South Korean artists at Unistella.

The general idea is that bracelet nails are decorated in a minimalist, only slightly embellished style. They're all unified by having a line — like that of a bracelet — that runs along the width of each fingernail. One woman, Rani Sheen, who got a bracelet nail manicure at Unistella, wrote on Instagram about how the nail artists used thread and real metal to create the look.

Read on to see a handful of examples of "bracelet nails," check out even more at Byrdie, and get inspired to try the trend at home.