Your Eyebrow Makeup Actually Does This 1 Unexpected Hack

Fashion Week is exhausting, so when we went backstage at Jonathan Simkhai's Spring 2018 show and saw the model's bright, 10 hours of sleep-looking eyes, we'll admit to feeling a tiny pang of envy. We've been slathering on concealer as if it were SPF lately, but we were shocked to learn there's another, easier way to achieve radiant, rested peepers. It turns out that Erin Parsons, who created the glowing, ethereal look, designed her face chart with tired beauty junkies in mind.

Erin told us that, along with using Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama Gel ($10) to define the models' arches, she also applied it as if it were a shadow. She painted it on right above the lashline, which gives off an illuminating effect.

According to Erin, applying this taupe-tinted gel as a shadow, "does a nice highlight under the brow." Along with matching your favorite Fall overcoat, this camel coloring lightens up the eyes and makes you appear refreshed.

Plus, with this hack, there's no need to carry around any shadow. A lighter beauty bag and rejuvenated eyes? Yes, please!

POPSUGAR Photography | Alaina Demopoulos
POPSUGAR Photography | Alaina Demopoulos