An Electric Makeup Brush Sanitizer Exists, and It Sounds Smarter Than I Am

It's easy to fall in love with makeup — less easy to become obsessed with cleaning your brushes. That annoying, but super necessary, little ritual takes precious moments out of our busy lives that we'd rather spend doing very important tasks (like binging American Crime Story). So what if there was a cute little container you could just throw your tools in, turn on, and have do all the dirty work for you?

Well, friends, we dreamed a dream, and Brushean is trying to make it happen. According to the product's Kickstarter, Brushean can sanitize your tools after every single use. It's a "smart beauty device" that uses UV-C light technology to sterilize brushes and kill 99.9 percent of all bacteria. Science!

All you have to do is throw (OK, more like gently place) your bristles inside Brushean and press a little button. Then sit back, relax, watch the new Janelle Monáe music video, just live your bliss for five minutes, and at the sound of a timer, your brushes will be clean.

Incredible, right? But don't go calling your mom just yet — the Brushean is still in its Kickstarter phase. It's set to be delivered in December, which we know is sort of a minute from now. If you want to get in on the action ASAP, you can pledge $49 to the brand, which will get you a Brushean when it's released at the end of this year. Once the tool hits market, it will retail for $120, so as the kids say, this offer is pretty lit.