Cardi B Got Married Without Makeup on — Not That We Should Be Surprised

Cardi B confirmed on Twitter today that she quietly married Offset in 2017 — and did it without the wedding gown, fancy bouquet, or her signature contour. While we know that some brides would never dream of getting hitched without a full face of makeup, you shouldn't be too surprised Cardi B took the leap barefaced.

This why i name my album "Invasion of privacy" cause people will do the most to be nosey about your life .Welp fuck it .

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) June 25, 2018

The rapper frequently posts videos and photos on Instagram — where she candidly talks with her fans — completely barefaced. Cardi would never do anything she doesn't want to do . . . and, as it turns out, that includes getting dressed up for a (very) special occasion.

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