There's Been No Shortages of New Celebrity Tattoos This Year

  • There have already been plenty of new and exciting celebrity tattoos in 2022.
  • Tattoos often hold a special meaning to the wearer, like in many of the ahead examples.
  • From friendship tattoos to ink that represents their favorite memory, these are some of the best celebrity tattoos of 2022 so far.

Although 2022 has just begun, it's already shaping up to be a promising year for new celebrity ink. And it better be, because 2021 brought us over 26 new pieces of ink to get inspired by. Standouts include Travis Barker's two new designs in Kourtney Kardashian's honor and Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne's matching rose tattoos in December just before the year wrapped.

Tattoos often hold a special meaning to the wearer and provide a visual representation of their personality. Spotting creative and inspirational ink, like Demi Lovato's "Grandmother Spider" tattoo or Billie Eilish's hand tattoo, is what makes the process of getting inked so fun for both recipients and admirers alike.

At this point, it might be faster to name all of the celebrities in Hollywood who don't have tattoos. From professional-level body-art collectors like Megan Fox and Justin Bieber to tiny-ink enthusiasts like Yara Shahidi and Bella Hadid, it seems like everyone has at least one tattoo these days.

Keep scrolling to see more of the best celebrity tattoos of 2022 so far.

Hilary Duff and Molly Bernard's Saturn Tattoos

On Jan. 2, to ring in the new year, Hilary Duff and her Younger costar Molly Bernard got matching Saturn tattoos. "Nye solar system sisters," Bernard captioned the photo.

Romeo Beckham's Gothic Winged Cross Neck Tattoo

On Jan. 7, Romeo Beckham got a large tattoo on the back of his neck to match his dad, David Beckham. The work of art was done by celebrity-loved tattoo artist Dr. Woo.

Romeo Beckham's Dove Hand Tattoo
Instagram | romeobeckham

Romeo Beckham's Dove Hand Tattoo

During that same visit to Dr. Woo, Beckham also got a hand tattoo of a dove above the words "lead with love." The design is also inspired by his dad.

Demi Lovato's Spider Head Tattoo

On Jan. 8, Demi Lovato got a spider tattoo on the side of their head by Dr. Woo. The ink was inspired by "Grandmother Brings the Light," a Cherokee folktale.

Eiza González's Kissing Portrait Tattoo

On Jan. 10, Eiza González paid a visit to celebrity tattooist Daniel Winter for a new fine-line tattoo design. She got a portrait of two people kissing on her inner arm.