This Magical, Color-Changing Makeup Will Have You Screaming "HOW!?"

While most magic tricks leave us rolling our eyes, this magical, color-changing makeup has us completely and utterly captivated. Chaos Makeup recently debuted water-activated, color-changing Mood Cream on Instagram, where viewers (us included) were impressed watching the cream instantly change from eggplant to teal, but what the brand did next blew us away even more.

The Texas-based makeup company has developed one heat-activated and two sunlight-activated formulas that show just how powerful makeup can be — purple changing into hot pink, lilac transforming into bright purple, and soft gray morphing into a "dark, galaxy blue." The colors transform back when you either take them away from the water, out of the sunlight, or out of the heat, literally performing a magic show on your own skin.

The color-changing Mood Creams are still being tested and are not yet available, but until then, read on to watch the magical products transform right before your eyes!

Water-activated eggplant to teal.

Sunlight-activated lilac to bright purple.

Sunlight-activated soft gray to dark, galaxy blue.

Heat-activated purple to hot pink.