Charlize Theron's Bold Baby Bangs Are Fake, but We Kinda Sorta Wish They Were Real

Charlize Theron is showing off some bold-as-hell bangs. The 43-year-old actress stepped out for the Long Shot premiere on April 30 with some fake fringe to complement her bold brunette bob, courtesy of her stylist Adir Abergel.

"I love that she is a risk-taker and explores different styles. For the premiere, we wanted to push it just a little bit further, and I decided to give her some faux bangs," Abergel said. "My inspiration for tonight's look is an image of Linda Evangelista from the '90s. Linda was always bold with her looks, and so is Charlize."

Abergel achieved Theron's look by first prepping her hair with the Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask ($28) and then blow-drying it straight. He applied Virtue Un-Frizz Cream ($40) and Virtue Volumizing Primer ($36) from the roots to midshaft of her hair, and followed the products up with a rough dry and flat-iron. Next, Abergel styled the hair into a tight, low ponytail with faux bangs clipped on top. He finished it off by using the Un-Frizz Cream on the bold baby bangs.

Keep reading to see more snaps of Theron's red carpet look. We won't be surprised if this style pops up in our salons over the Summer.