These Viral Beauty "Traptorials" Are the Best Damn Thing You'll See All Day

Beauty vlogger Chelsie Worthy (aka @wvrthy) is not here for boring tutorials. In an oversaturated sea of identical makeup videos, she's breathed new life into them by pouring pure creativity and attitude back into the mix. She recently started posting what she's dubbed "traptorials" — basically beauty tutorials with all the usual tricks and the addition of good music, dancing, and fun onscreen graphics. You have to watch one to see what we mean (and once you do, you'll be hitting replay over and over again).

"The regular Instagram videos seem so generic," Chelsie told POPSUGAR. "I wanted to steer as far away from that as possible, so I always include movement in my tutorials." For the past five years, she's been a professional video editor by trade, and she claims, "Transitions and animation have always been my passion." However, it was only recently that she started experimenting with the style from start to finish — and that's how traptorials were born.

She posted the first video on Nov. 13 and has since set her clips to tracks like "Rap Saved Me" by 21 Savage, Offset, and Metro Boomin and "High End" by Chris Brown, Future, and Young Thug. The Connecticut-based creator explained it takes about two days to complete a full video: one day for filming, and one for editing. Clearly, it's worth the time it takes.

For Chelsie, these videos are also more than just a way to showcase her skills and entertain — they have a larger message. "The beauty industry doesn't want creators who have their own minds, creative ideas, or edge. I wanted to show girls that you don't have to conform to a standard of beauty when you can easily create your own," she said. "You can be unapologetically you and still considered beautiful. That doesn't take away from our beauty or mean we don't deserve recognition. That's why I created traptorials, to represent girls like me who are talented but don't fit the status quo."

"I created traptorials to represent girls like me who are talented but don't fit the status quo."

Her message resonates throughout the makeup company she started, Worthy, as well. It's a line of highlighters that are super pigmented and were formulated with women of color in mind (no ash, no flashback). In each video, you can see her applying the Stardust Illuminating Powders ($15), which are so popular, they're completely sold out (for now!).

Twitter and Instagram have been loving traptorials — even mega-beauty influencer Jackie Aina is a fan. "You're sooo talented!!! You're like a glimmer of hope in this sometimes dull beauty world!!" she commented on one of Chelsie's posts.

"I think people had such a positive reaction to traptorials because they were tired of watching the same videos. You see so many successful influencers creating the same content," Chelsie shared. "Naturally, so many assume that is what you have to do in order to be accepted. Even if that's not your personality or style, that's what's required. I wanted to show them that's not true."

We can't wait to see what Chelsie makes next because these videos are legitimately the best thing we've see all day . . . week . . . year, TBH!