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Chloe Bailey Debuts Blond Locs in "Have Mercy" Music Video

Have Mercy: Chloe Bailey's Blond Locs in Her New Music Video Took Our Breath Away

Do yourself a favor and sit down before you watch Chloe Bailey's new music video for her debut single as a solo artist, "Have Mercy," that dropped last night. Grab yourself a glass of water, too, while you're at it, because the singer and her glam team pulled out all the stops. At the very start of the video, Bailey is positioned on top of a roof in a pink plaid blazer with matching sunglasses and butt-length blond locs, and that's only the first look in the video — there are plenty more where that came from.

Throughout the three-minute video, Bailey switches up her makeup numerous times, sporting sparkly silver, hot pink, smoky, and baby blue eyeshadow looks, but she keeps her hair the same — in long blond locs with her dark roots showing and immaculately styled baby hairs. Her hair is the work of not one, not two, but four hair masters: Kari Williams, Tinisha Meeks, Brittny Chere, and Jehcara Nelson.

Bailey frequently wears her hair in this style, but we haven't seen her blond before. This video is just further proof that the singer never misses and looks amazing in every hairstyle she tries.

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