Shhh, Chloë Grace Moretz and James Corden Made a Beauty ASMR Video and . . . Just Listen

James Corden probably isn't the first person who comes to mind when you think of skin care. Luckily, SK-II brand ambassador Chloë Grace Moretz has taken the Late Late Show host under her wing — and into her bathroom — to share a few skin tips and send a powerful message about beauty. See what Moretz had to say about the show ahead.

The unexpected duo first joined forces last week during the first three episodes of SK-II's Bare Skin Chat, a comedy YouTube series all about skincare and feeling comfortable going out with a bare face. Now they're back to share some of their favorite beauty secrets . . . and test out their ASMR skills?

In its first two weeks as a series, Bare Skin Chat has raked in 40.6 million views and, despite the silliness, we are learning a lot. Moretz's biggest secret? Aside from the SK-II Pitera Essence that she pats onto her face every day, the only other product she uses on her skin is olive oil, which helps to moisturize skin. "I try to keep everything really natural," Moretz told POPSUGAR.

While it does get silly, Bare Skin Chat is all about showing that skin care doesn't have to be difficult or include a million steps. Sometimes, all you need is one product that works for you and your skin. "I hope [the series] gives people confidence to be able to go bare skin and be able to not feel like they have to hide behind cosmetic coverups, but also the fact that it's fun to go bare skin and that it's not as scary or daunting as some people probably might feel it is," Moretz said.

Read what Moretz had to say about filming ahead.

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Chloë Grace Moretz and James Corden SK-II US Bare Skin Chat EP4: So You Think You Can Pat

In the most recent episode of the series, "ASMR, Shhh," Corden insists that skin must "look good and sound good," which he demonstrates by holding a comb, a bath brush, and a tiny back scratcher up to a microphone to see what kind of sounds they make. In the fourth episode of the series, "So You Think You Can Pat," the two broke out into a full-on tap dancing routine to demonstrate that applying Moretz's favorite Pitera Essence is as easy as a simple "tap, tap" — or "pat, pat," depending on who you ask.

"We literally learned that [dance] like 10 minutes before we shot it," Moretz said. "[James] and I, luckily, are not bad with timing and know how to dance, so we kind of picked it up easily."

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Chloë Grace Moretz and James Corden SK-II US Bare Skin Chat EP5: ASMR SHHHHH

As fun as it was to watch the pair discover all of the different sounds a comb can make, Moretz isn't actually the biggest fan of ASMR. "I don't know if I'll do it again the future," she said. "I'm like kind of freaked out by ASMR videos, so it was weird doing something that like I was also totally creeped out by, but it was very silly."