This Underrated Mascara Made Me Rethink Comb Wands — and Gave Me Dreamy Lashes

First things first: I want it to be known that I am one of those people who has short lashes. I'm not saying it with any sort of humble, ironic humor, either — they are stubby. Outside of lash extensions and lash growth serums, the easiest and most economical solution to my quest for long, luscious lashes is to become a bona-fide mascara hoarder.

If you were to open up my makeup drawer at any given moment, you (and I) would be embarrassed by the obscene amount of mascaras in my collection. I have everything from tubing mascaras to ones that are purple-hued to ones that are dual-ended. Basically: if I've seen it given a thumbs up by my favorite beauty influencers, I've tried it.

So when makeup artist to the Bravo stars Priscilla DiStasio (aka @mspriscillanyc) name-checked the Clinique High Lengths Mascara ($18) on an Instagram Live (she said it was her go-to mascara for giving the appearance of false lashes), I hit "checkout" on my Sephora cart faster than I should probably admit. While the plain white tube looks unassuming, this is definitely one of the times when you cannot judge a mascara by its package.

I've never had success using a comb wand before because they've always left too much product on my lashes (and subsequently, my eyelids) instead of defining them. Also, they can just be really awkward to use because it's hard to figure out hand placement. But the pencil-thin comb on the High Lengths mascara is truly a magic wand, and it really works in your favor. It's made of very fine bristles — the kind you have to almost scrunch your eyes to see. The green part of the wand is flexible, so when you hold it to the base of your lashes, you can wiggle it up with a comfortable amount of control. It easily grabs from the root and elongates each strand with every pass, though I suggest wiping some of the excess off the wand before applying to ensure even more precision. The best part of the applicator is that if you tilt it more vertically, it can also reach the inner corner of your eyes.

One coat will make a dramatic difference, but a second coat will add length and volume. And if you really want it to look like you have doe eyes, add a mascara primer as a base layer. Just make sure to curl your lashes before you apply any of the above, because you won't get curl from this product alone.

Once the formula is set, I've noticed my lashes stay soft, don't produce any irritating flakes, and remain dreamy all day. Take a look!