Is ColourPop Releasing MORE Holiday Eye Shadows? An Investigation

Jeez, do the people at ColourPop ever, like, sleep? We're beginning to doubt it. After a bevy of Fall releases, plus rolling out an entire collection with Sephora, the beloved brand might have more up its sleeves for 2017. Yup, we've basically got a month and a half left of 2017, but it might bring more Super Shock.

This is mostly just unverified speculation, as the above photo was recently used as an Instagram Story on ColourPop's account — no other details were given. That means this could be a new seasonal release, but the shades could also be something in the works for 2018. Either way, this announcement got people buzzing — both the product-snooping Instagram account HotFireMakeup and the ColourPopCult news page reposted pictures and guessed that the shimmering goodness was indicative of more holiday shadows.

It's not something that would be totally unheard of, as the brand is famous for dropping products seemingly in the blink of an eye (or the tap of an Instagram post). Plus, the 14 swatched shades truly do look festive, which gives us hope that we may see the shadows online soon.

We're especially digging the glimmer hunter green, metallic rose gold, and glittering mermaid's tail green colors, but as a whole, the collection itself is stunning. The powders are truly a KiraKira wonderland, as the shades reflect and refract light like a dream. We have reached out to ColourPop's people and will keep you updated with any more news. Until then, cross your fingers and hope that affordable pigments might make their way into your Christmas stocking (or Sephora cart) sometime soon.