These Images That Prove Crown Eye Shadow Is the Most Regal Beauty Trend Ever

If you have been a beauty girl your whole life, chances are you've been called a princess at least once or twice. Your love of makeup has likely been seen as a kind of vanity rather than a passion for product. It can be hard to ignore the haters, but that's why we love the new crown shadow trend: it acknowledges makeup shamers in a saucy, IDGAF way.

Crown shadow is just what it sounds like. Instagram makeup artists are painting tiny detailed tiaras on their eyelids, even bedazzling the tips with shimmer and rhinestones. It's flashy, of course, but true beauty girls don't do any trends halfway. We suggest pairing this style with a red lip or sparkling gloss to boost the glam factor! Read on to get a closer look at regal crown lids.