'80s Babies Will Flip For This Dirty Dancing-Inspired Eye Shadow Palette

DIRTY DANCING BEAUTY PALETTE IDEAS! 2017. #nobodyputsbabyinacorner

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We've swooned over Gilmore Girls eye shadow, lost our minds over Harry Potter wand-inspired makeup brushes, and now, we're positively buzzing with excitement over the potential of a Dirty Dancing-themed palette.

Refinery29 discovered that in 2017, indie beauty brand Sola Look will be releasing a shadow set inspired by the classic '80s movie. Sola Look recently released a Flashdance palette ($32) filled with four matte shadows: Alex, Jeanie, Maniac (obviously!), and Passion. Due to the success of these shades, we know — and trust — that the brand will nail the Dirty Dancing collection.

As of now, it is unclear how many shades will be inside the upcoming palette, but the founders teased some color ideas in the above post to Instagram. This one shot alone got fans amped, with many suggesting names and hues.

"Will there be a color called baby??? And will it be in the corner???" queried user hairbymigs. The brand responded, "There will be a product in the palette called "Baby" but it will be more so in the middle. We're trying to get her out of that corner that she's been stuck in for the last 30 years."

As next year marks the 30th anniversary of the film, this palette would be the perfect beauty-lover's tribute to Dirty Dancing. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.