Disney Princesses Reimagined For Halloween Will Give You Nightmares

When we think of Disney princesses, we imagine lots of twirling skirts and singing birds — not blood and gore. But in honor of Halloween, makeup artist Shonagh Scott turned five of your favorite girls into the victims of horrible (and magical) accidents. She unveiled the creations on her Instagram account, and they are pure nightmare fuel. That said, if you're more into the creepy side of Halloween than the candy, you're about to get majorly inspired. Read on, then check out our tutorial on how to transform into zombie Jasmine!


"Elsa's powers backfire, impaling her own neck with an icicle and leaving her with frostbitten fingers."


"Ariel had her voice box ripped out by the sea witch!"


"The Beast has lashed out at Belle after she stole his Rose!"

Snow White

"The Evil Queen's poisoned apple has caused a severe chemical burn to poor Snow's face!"


"While escaping the Prince, Cinders tripped down the stairs, face planted her shoe & impaled her face."