Disney's Newest Princess, Moana, Is Going to Be Every Beauty Babe's Favorite

Disney princesses are known for having amazing hair — from Ariel's perfectly swooped bangs to Pocahontas's silky mane, the media brand sets seriously high expectations for beauty. But the newest addition to the Disney roster, a Polynesian beauty named Moana, might put her fellow princesses to shame. The animation used to craft every strand of her gorgeous locks is impeccably detailed, not to mention that her wavy hairstyle is envy-inducing.

While there are only a few images of the island princess floating around the Internet right now, beauty-lovers everywhere are already enamored with Moana and her hyperrealistic hair.

We can only imagine the sort of hair inspiration we'll get from her on the big screen! Early fan art depicts Moana in flower crowns and other tropical accessories, so get ready to embrace your inner island goddess when attempting princess-inspired hair tutorials. Aloha!