So, This Is What Disney Heroines Would Look Like With Modern Hair Makeovers

It's a cliché to bring a photo of a celebrity to your hairstylist and ask for the same cut. After seeing the work of Instagram illustrator Linnéa, however, we might just have to bring a picture of Belle from Beauty and the Beast to our next appointment. That's because Linnéa is currently working on a series that gives Disney heroines modern chops — and, predictably, all this princess hair is gorgeous.

While it's sort of strange to see Rapunzel with a modern lob (is she still Rapunzel at that point?), we are totally into these updated styles. Once you see Elsa with ashy — dare we say icy? — unicorn hair, you'll probably just go on and book yourself a cut and color ASAP.

Ahead, see all these fierce, fictional ladies sporting a fresh new look.

Rapunzel From <b>Tangled</b>


Merida From <b>Brave</b>

Elsa From <b>Frozen</b>

Belle From <b>Beauty and the Beast</b>