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Dotted Finger Tattoo Ideas and Inspiration

Heads Up, You'll Have to Look Really Closely to See These Subtle Dotted Finger Tattoos

Sometimes the best kinds of tattoos are the tiny, simple ones that hide in plain sight, like dot tattoos, for example. Dotted ink — not to be confused with dotwork, which involve larger images made up of dots — are perfect for people who either want to test the waters before getting a bigger design or anyone who wants something subtle. These can mean anything (or nothing at all) and can be placed anywhere on the body, although we've been seeing a spike in dotted finger tattoos on Instagram lately.

Chrissy Teigen is one of the latest to try the trend, and she recently explained that she chose to get a series of dots tattooed on her fingers simply because, well, she likes dots. Teigen also isn't the only person you can look to for inspiration if dotted finger tattoos are currently on your mood board. Keep reading for some inspiration.

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