Dove Is Helping to Fix Female Representation in Media in a Huge Way

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Dove has long been known for its inclusive Real Beauty campaign, which features models of all sizes and backgrounds, but now, the brand is taking its ethos one step further with its latest campaign, Project #ShowUs. In a video posted on YouTube, the brand announced its new project, which aims to create the world's largest photo library created by women and nonbinary people so media and advertisers have access to stock photos that represent all women.

According to the brand, 70 percent of women don't see themselves represented in the images they see every day. With this project, Dove aims for authentic representation and is enlisting women from 39 countries to create images free of digital distortion and staged sets. The brand also partnered with Girlgaze (a tech company and creative agency) and Getty Images (one of the leading distributors of images) to execute this project.

The best part is you can be part of the movement. If you share your image on Dove's website, it could become part of the project as well.

Check out the video above.