Drew Barrymore Gives Unsolicited Hair Advice on the Streets of New York

Drew Barrymore has some hair advice for you, and she's not afraid to give it. On March 14, the actor and host of The Drew Barrymore Show announced during a segment that she is the new face of Garnier Nutrisse. "Over the years I have had every hair color in the rainbow — red, black hair, blonde hair; I love trying everything," she said. "That's why I'm really excited to share some news. I am beyond thrilled to announce that I am the new face of Garnier Nutrisse hair color."

To celebrate the partnership, Barrymore took to the streets of New York City accompanied by TikTok-famous host Davis Burleson to talk all things hair — colors, styles, fears, hopes. "We're gonna go run around and ask people about their hair," Burleson said. "If they wanna dye their hair, how they do their hair, all the things."

In the hilarious video, the two can be seen galavanting around the city, approaching strangers to ask some questions ranging from what hairstyle they would never wear on a first date to whether their hair color is natural. They even take a few minutes to join a virtual class over Zoom to say hi to a few students, and of course, pose for some selfies.

Barrymore even assesses a few people's hair and suggests hair colors she thinks would work for them — after all, she's been dyeing her own at home for years, so she would know — before sending them on their way with a few boxes of Garnier.

Watch a clip of the segment above.

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