This Lion King-Inspired Halloween Look Is Both Beautiful and Badass

Our love for The Lion King knows no bounds (the movie soundtrack was our first CD!), so we were instantly enamored with this glam take on supervillain Scar. Instagram user katyroleigh skipped the full-on furry face and lion's mane. Instead, she pared down her interpretation to a bold cat eye and an enormous fake wound. It didn't appear remotely gory but still had a creepy, "plotting my brother's demise" edge to it.

Kayleigh was generous to share all the products she used, and it seems she blended NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk ($4) and NYX Lip Pencil in Natural ($3) to create the three-dimensional scar. If you don't feel confident taking on extreme beauty tutorials, this is a perfect option. Use the lip liner first to create the gash, then draw dashes of eye pencil next to it. Finally, buff the lines together, which will create the illusion of depth. (It's contouring and highlighting for Halloween!)

This technique would work well for a Harry Potter costume, too, and is wonderful for babes on a budget: the products are under $10. We guarantee you'll turn heads on Halloween if you test this out, but be prepared . . . re-creating this look may give you the uncontrollable urge to seize control of a kingdom.