E.L.F. Just Launched Makeup That Could Survive a Sweaty HIIT Workout Class

Workouts are the new happy hour. More and more, I've found myself catching up with friends, networking with industry peers, and bonding with teammates at the workout studio over the bar. That's why wearing makeup to the gym has become my new norm. When I tell most people this, they kind of scoff and go "What's the point?" or "Who are you trying to impress?," but I personally feel better when I've got a little something on my face. Even if I'm working out solo — you never know who you're going to run into.

The only issue is, my regular makeup feels heavy. Fifteen minutes into a Spin class, foundation starts caking and mascara turns into a raccoon smudge. So, when I heard E.L.F. Cosmetics would be launching an affordable active makeup line meant to be sweat-resistant, I had high hopes.

This morning I tried out the collection in a HIIT class at Fhitting Room, only one of New York's toughest studios. I used the Workout Ready Eye Pencil ($4), the Lip & Cheek Palette ($8), the brow gel half of the Mascara & Brow Duo ($6), and the Get Up and Glow hydration Stick ($8). The finished product was minimal and the perfect no-makeup makeup look. I felt put-together but not overdone.

During the workout, I actually didn't feel like anything was even on my skin. That's what I liked about the products most: they're weightless and breathable. Plus, they don't smudge. That was my biggest concern with the black eyeliner, yet even through drips of sweat, it stayed put. The collection also has skincare goods like a cooling, refreshing face mist ($8) that'll save you from looking like a hot mess while you rush from the gym to work. There's also a pack of delicious-smelling, aloe-vera-boosted body wipes ($3) — a great shower substitute for when the line is too damn long and you've got places to go (don't worry, I won't tell anyone).

E.L.F. Active will be available in stores at Walmart starting February 2018 — but you can get them right now on elfcosmetics.com. Take a look at the full collection, ahead.