25 Stunning Looks All Brown-Eyed Girls Need to Try

The world is your oyster when you have brown eyes! There is very little that won't accentuate chocolaty eyes. Try a muted look, some smoky drama, or a bold trendy color. To help inspire your look, we combed Instagram for 25 stunning brown-eyed beauties.


Black Tight-line

Gorgeous brown eyes sparkle when black liner is tight-lined into the inner rim of the lash line all the way around the eyes. This technique is best accomplished with a waterproof gel liner or a cake liner applied with a brush.


Burgundy Smoky Eye

Sunset hues matched with a brown eye are absolutely gorgeous! This look matches burgundy tones with smoke and gold glitter.


Smoldering Smoky Eye

Jennifer Lopez's brown eyes glow when highlighted by smoldering, soft smoke. Charcoals and grays smudged around the eye create the perfect smoky eye that pop the golds of brown-eyed girls.


Golden Liner

Gold liner looks gorgeous accenting brown eyes — the gilded cat eye on top of the black adds a special golden touch to everyday winged liner.


Champagne Shimmer

The cat eye paired with champagne tones and glitter for days is the sexiest way to show off those brown eyes.


No-Makeup Makeup

Brown eyes look even deeper when highlighted with matte-neutral shades and soft brown powder liners.


Peach Fizz

Terra cotta- and orange-tinged shadows look absolutely stunning on dark skin tones and dark eyes. Add as shadow and smudge a bit on lower lash line to complete the look.


Smoky Wing

Soft smoky shadows and smoky liner on the lower lash line pairs gorgeously with a thicker winged liner on the upper lid.


Purple Prism

Brown eyes smolder under the bright pop of purple shadows. Pair with black liner to offset intense colors.


Lashes For Days

Heavy, feathery lashes look gorgeous on brown eyes with subtle soft shadows and liner. The lashes frame the gorgeous eye color and remain the focus of the look.


Soft Matte Neutrals

Just the softest touch of matte neutrals accents brown eyes perfectly. A subtle fleshy tone on the lid with soft brown in the crease is the perfect everyday look.


Highlighted Inner Corners

Lighter skin tones and eyes don't always benefit as much from highlight and shimmer on the lower lash line and in the inner corner of the eyes. But on brown eyes, it's dazzling.


Gold Glitter

This popular style for brown-eyed brides pairs soft smoky eye colors with golden glitter.


Kajal Liner

Kajal lining the inner rims of the eyes makes brown eyes look intense and sexy.


White Liner

White liner inside the lower lash line makes brown-eyed babes appear more awake and bright-eyed!


Silver Shine

Silver glitter and shimmer adds a cool edge to brown eyes.


Purple Crease

All violets, plums, and purples look stunning in the creases of brown-eyed girls.


Matte Brown

Matte brown shadow swept across the entire lid and the crease creates a soft, chocolaty look.


Green Shadows

The gold tones of brown eyes twinkle when surrounded by green shadows and liners.


Peach Shadow

Light champagne and peachy tones leave the focus on the eye color and lash line.


Blue Liner

Blue liner brings out the gold tones in brown-eyed girls.


Red Crease

Red and pink shadows in the crease contrast with golds tints in brown eyes.